Shut Up Fool Awards- Moni’s In The BTAC 2016 House Edition

I’m in the Dallas ‘burbs for my fourth consecutive Black Trans Advocacy Conference.   Got my sweat equity shift at the registration desk done yesterday, presented my panel on Wednesday, and was part of the Black Trans Community Summit on Wednesday as well.

I’m thoroughly enjoying myself at what I call my extended birthday celebrating because this conference falls so close to my May 4 birthday.

Been pleased to not only see old friends like Dora and Yusuf who met at BTAC and are celebrating their first anniversary together, I’m happy to see that we have a lot of first time attendees from around the country, along with a trans bother from Jamaica at #BTAC2016.

I hope the neophyte attendees are also enjoying this event as much as I am.

When we reconvene for ‪#‎BTAC2017‬, I challenge Houston`s Black trans men to show up, participate and hang out with their national and international trans family.   This conference is just a four hour drive up I-45 from us and I and your Houston trans sisters would love to see more of you stepping up and representing H-town’s trans masculine community.   It can’t be just Houston’s Black trans women alone representing our city and all Black trans peeps inside Beltway 8. 

Now that I’m off my BTAC soapbox, let’s get to the usual Friday business at hand of calling fools out..

Since I have a long list of fools and some BTAC business to handle, will just select one fool this week and not post the long nomination list of (dis) honorable mention contenders for our weekly SUF title..

This week’s Shut Up Fool Award goes to one of my home grown fools in Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R)    Despite the fact that North Carolina has been getting major negative international blowback for the unjust anti human rights Hate Bill 2 they hastily passed to stick it to the city of Charlotte and the trans community, Patrick announced in a Wednesday press conference he would support bringing that idiocy to the Lone Star State

Really?  What crystal meth have you been smoking?   Not no but hell no!   No GOP sponsored ALEC hate in my home state.   Sick of you white male Teapublicans wanting to oppress people.

And oh yeah..Dan Patrick, shut up fool!.

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