Shut Up Fool Awards- Moni’s At #CC16 Edition

I’m up in Chicago for the 2016 edition of Creating Change, and I’m having a blast getting my learn on and seeing everyone that made it up here for this major conference.  We’re happy that the weather is not as chilly as we expected, but the Chicago Host Committee is showing us a great time as we get our learn on.

It’s Friday, and even though I’m up here handling #CC16 business, fools are everywhere, and I gots to call them out.  Speaking of calling fools out, I’ll be adding five more names to the SUF Lifetime Achievement Awards List during Oscar weekend..  

So let’s get started with my weekly TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards and finding out what fool, fool or group of fools get it.

Honorable mention number one goes to Bernie Sanders, who is upset that he didn not get the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign, but keeps mispronouncing the name of the organization.

Maybe if you gooten the name of the group right, they may have felt the bern for you.

Honorable mention number two is a group award for PETA, who floated the offer that if the city of Detroit went vegan, they would pay Detroit`s water bill.

And y`all wanna know why I hate PETA`s racist asses.

Honorable mention number three is a group award for all the 2016 POTUS candidates who continue to spew racist, sexist (fill in the blank) comments at every stop on the ccampaign trail.

Honorable mention number four goes to FOX Noise spokessellout Stacey Dash, who while cooning it up for FOX Noise tried to defend the melanin free Oscar nominees by suggesting that the BET and NAACP awards need to go if we Black people want intergration,

You need to chill with the GOP cranial rinses.   The reaon those award shows exist in the Black community Stacey, is because of repeated snubs like the ones you`re trying to defend.

This week the Shut Up Fool winner is Sarah Palin for blaming the arrest if her son Trask on President Obama and PTSD,

Really?  As usual that chillbilly is just like very other Republican in terms never taking responsibiloity for their actions of lousy parenting.

Sarah Palin, shut up fool

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