Shut Up Fool Awards- Moni’s At BTAC 2015 Edition

Been up here in Dallas since April 28 for

the fourth annual editionm of the Black Trans Advocacy Conference.

This conference is one of my faves because it happens to fall very close to my birthday and doubles as my birthday weekend celebratory event.

Well, without further dela6y, let’s get to this week’s SUF Awards.

Honorable mention number one is Rush Limbaugh.   OxyContinin Man parted his lips to state that riots will happenas long as Black keep voting for Democrats.

Let’s remix that comment shall we?    Riots will continue to happen as long as unarmed Black people continue to suffer death by po-po and go unpunished for it.

Honorable mentuion number is Josh Duggar, who clamed if Talabaptists aren’t allowed top discriminate, then you are discriminating against ‘Christians’

Really?   Dude, your white privileged ass wouldn’t know discrimination if it slapped you in the face.  I’m getting sick of you people wanting to oppress people.

Honorable mention number three is Maryland State Delegate Pat McDonough (R) actually said that parents of kids who let their kids protest the death by po-po of Freddie Gray should have their food stamps taken away.

He doubled down on his racism by suggesting a study be done of the mindset of ‘thug nation’

Hety Pat, your pointed hood is showing.

Honorable mention number four is US Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX) who said that what is going on in Baltimore is because of too many gay marriages.

WTF?   What iis going on in Baltimore is because of systenmic racism tolerated by too many white male Republicans like you.

This week’s Shut Up Fool winner is TX Governor Greg Abbott.  

Greg’s sucking up to the batturd crazy wing of the Texas GOP by ordering the Texas State Militia to monitor the US military duirng to Jade Helm 15 exericses to forestall a ‘miltary takeover of the Lone Star State.

You can’t make this stuff uop people. 

But instead of debunking this Conservaidiocy, he’s cosigning it.

Greg Abbott, shut up fool

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