Shut Up Fool Awards- Messing With Texas Edition

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The pressure is mounting for the Texas GOP majority to kick the unjust SB 6 to the curb, and they ain’t liking the fact they are being called out on their transphobic bigotry.

The Texas business community, legislators with common sense, citizens and the NCAA, NFL and now the NBA have spoken about their opposition to the Texas Transgender Oppression Act .

Will the fools listen?

Nice segue into our usual Friday business of calling out the fools inside and outside of the Lone Star State and point out their rank hypocrisy, jaw dropping ignorance and what the frack level verbal statements

It’s time for this week’s edition of the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards

Honorable mention number one goes to  Donald Trump for just pick an outrage.

Honorable mention number two is Tom Brady, for hypocritically suggesting that his New England Patriot teammates who are planning to not show up at the Trump White House should ‘put politics aside’ and come.

Yeah, the same person that skipped the Patriots visit to the Obama White House for a bogus reason

Honorable mention number three is Carlos Santana who is not a singer, saying that Beyonce lost Album of the Year because ;she is not a singer‘,

The Beyhive is still pissed about that Grammy result, and turned on Santana.  After getting dragged by the Beyhive all over social media, he quickly changed his tune.

Honorable mention number four is Alex Jones, who said on his show in response to Jennifer Lopez;s Grammy speech that she should ‘go get gang raped;.

Honorable mention number five is  Bill Maher, for inviting  Nazi racist Milo Yiannopoulos to his show and allowing his to spew racist rhetoric unchallenged.

Honorable mention number six is TX Gov. Greg Abbott who is mad because the NFL sent the warning shot that Texas will not get any more Super Bowls or NFL events if SB 6 is passed.

You and your GOP buds should work on fixing our broken foster care system and public school finance system instead of oppressing trans people.

Apology Unaccepted: Fury Over James Charles’ Africa Joke Continues

This week’s SUF winner is James Charles   Last year he became the male to get a Covergirl makeup spokesperson contract, and this week he tweeted something ugly by saying he was scared to go to Africa because it had Ebola.

What made this statement more ignorant and appalling was that he was going to the nation of South Africa which is one of the 54 counties on the African CONTINENT.

News flash:  As of January 14, 2016 the World Health Organization has stated that the African continent, which is the second largest and second most populous one on our planet, is now clear of Ebola.

He tried to at first defend it with the standard ‘it’s a joke’ line, but he kept getting dragged on the Net by peeps who didn’t see that as even remotely funny or a joke.  ,Calls have been coming forward for a boycott of CoverGirl if Charles isn’t removed as a spokesperson

And yes, this is another example of gay folks and their casual racism and ignorance that needs to checked and called out.

James Charles, shut up fool.

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