Shut Up Fool Awards- Looking For Human Rights HEROes Edition

We are in the last day of early voting for our Houston municipal election and stuff is getting real as we approach November 3.  You have until 7 PM  to get to your favorite polling place and vote in the mayoral election and for Prop 1.  

And yes since today is Friday, time to call out some fools.

Honorable mention number one is a group award for all you Houston folks who believed the anti-HERO bathroom predator lie and voted NO in the early voting phase on Prop 1.

Honorable mention number two is another group award for all the GOP presidential candidates on stage for the GOP debate in Boulder, CO.

Honorable mention number three is our unelected Harris County Republican sheriff Ron Hickman, who came out of the closet about his opposition to HERO, claiming it was ‘confusing and divisive’, but wasn’t in the chair for a day when he demoted a lesbian sheriff with 30 years of experience, ended the LGBT liaison program, and attacked the #BlackLivesMatter movement in a problematic press conference in the wake of the shooting of Deputy Darren Goforth,

Honorable mention number four is anyone who wears Blackface for Halloween.

Honorable mention number five is Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL) , who opposes immigrationbecause ‘it changes the voter pool’.

And makes it more likely that bigots like him get bounced out of office.

Honorable mention number six is Ben Fields, the ex-Richland County SC resource officer who body slammed and dragged across the floor a Black female student.

Hope you get the assault charges that need to follow up this incident, but we’ll see if justice is served in this heinous incident..

This week’s Shut Up Fool award is a joint one that goes to Raven-Symone and Don Lemon who continue to cause us to wonder whether both their Black cards need to be revoked.

Raven made another cringe worthy statement on The View in regards to the SC student being violently dragged across that Spring Valley High School classroom.

Don Lemon tried to justify the officer’s actions, which led CNN legal correspondent Sunny Hostin to put his ass on blast.

The sad part is both these kneegrows have sizable media platforms, and they continually make jacked up WTF statements

Raven-Symone and Don Lemon, shut up fools.

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