Shut Up Fool Awards-Last Day Of September Edition

Today is the last day of September and with the expiration of this day 2011 has only three more months left in it before we start a new year.  This month has been an interesting one already full of stupidity and ignorance.

It’s time to cut the jibber-jabber as our Shut Up Fool! mascot would say and get busy calling out our fool, fools or group of fools vying for our illustrious award.

There were as always plenty of contenders for this week’s award such as Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, the gang at Fox Noise, another group award for the GOP, Gretchen Carlson, and Bryan Fischer.

Honorable mention this week goes to Ed Kikkert, the transphobic owner of the Trail End Farmers Market in London, ON.       .

But this week’s Shut Up Fool Award goes to Republifool presidential candidate Herman Cain.   This cookie chomping knee-grow parted his lips and
said in a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer that Black people are
‘brainwashed’ into not being open minded enough to be conservative.

Excuse me?  

Really Herman?  It was proud conservatives that were hanging our people from trees, have bitterly opposed civil rights legislation, have executed for decades the Southern Strategy, openly denigrated and disrespected our people, worked zealously to suppress our votes, and haven’t done, proposed or passed any policies or laws that helped the African-American community since 1964..

And in the face of all this white-sheet wearing Hateraid from proud conservafools we’re supposed to be ‘open minded’ about a failed political system that benefits white people only?

You are clearly delusional Herman Cain. You’re a disgrace to your Morehouse education and a sellout .   Shut the HELL up fool!

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