Shut Up Fool Awards- It’s Mother’s Day Weekend 2017 Edition

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We’re approaching Mother’s Day Weekend again, and this is the day to celebrate the moms and mother figures in our community.

It’s also a tough one for the people who have lost their mothers or whose mothers through no fault of their own cut off contact with them.  I see you hear you, and have much love for you on this day.

I also have much love for the MamaBears, those fiece mom’s of trans kids who are all in fighting for the humanity and human rights of their trans cubs, and I;m proud to know and occasionally get hugged and loved on by y’all

But the thing I don’t have any love for is WTF  level ignorance, blatant hypocrisy, and coonery and buffoonery.

It’s time to handle my Friday TransGriot business and call that crap out.

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This week’s Shut Up Fool Award goes to Bethune Cookman’s president Edison O. Jackson, who was a shining example of modern day coonery when to the dismay of the Bethune-Cookman Class of 2017 invited (mis)Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to give a commencement speech, then got mad when those students justifiably protested and booed her problematic public education hatin’ azz.

Alright Bethune-Cookman Class of 2017!   Proud of you!.  You are part of a long distinguished heritage of Black community protest powered by HBCU students.

As for President Jackson, there are calls  led by the Florida NAACP for him to resign, and this fool gets an Uncle Ruckus Award on top of this.

Edison O. Jackson, Shut Up Fool!

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