Shut Up Fool Awards- It’s Juneteenth Weekend Edition

June 19 is not only Father’s Day, but it is also Juneteenth in Texas.

Juneteenth is the 1865 day that Union Major General Gordon Granger read Order Number 3 from the balcony of Galveston’s Ashton Villa and proclaimed at all Texas slaves were henceforth free.

It became known as Emancipation Day to the freedmen, and starting in 1866 was celebrated with picnics, parades, and church services.  African-American Texans as the migrated to other parts of the country too the unofficial holiday with them, and on January 1, 1980, thanks to the efforts of Texas state Rep Al Edwards, Juneteenth became an official state holiday.

So let m break out my strawberry soda and barbecue and chow down on it before i call out this weeks list of holiday fools.

Honorable mention number one is a group award to every conservafool and Republican who tried to pit the TBLGQ community against the Muslim community over the Pulse terror attack.

Honorable mention number two is the Log Cabin Republicans, who also tried to push Islamophobia and blame ISIS for the attack when they and ‘errbody’ in TBLG World knows that the largest purveyors of  LGBT hate are the Republican Party

Honorable mention number three is Tila Tequila, who  was listening to too much Dan Patrick while growing up her in H-town. Her racist Asian azz tweeted that Jennifer Lopez was a ‘Mexican with money’   No. you bigoted twit, unlike you, J Lo was born in the US (The Bronx) and is Puerto Rican.

And can’t I get one day when some right wing idiot isn’t embarrassing my home state by opening their mouths and letting something stupid fly out of it?

Honorable mention number four is Donald Trump for just pick a stupid statement this week, but the most over the top one is the assertion he would be better for LGBT people than Hillary Clinton. .

Honorable mention number five is John McCain, for claiming President Obama is responsible for the Pulse aatack when his party refused to pass legislation to keep people on the ‘no fly’ and terror watch lists from buying assault weapons.

Honorable mention number six is Bill O’Reilly, for saying on air he wants to slap Rep James Clyburnfor wanting to focus on gun safety after Orlando attacks.

He has good reason to you conservaidiot, especially since today is the one year anniversary of the Mother Emmanuel church terrorist attack by Dylan Roof in Charleston, SC.

Honorable mention number seven is the still unidentified kneegrow who tweeted that the Pulse shooting was ‘someone doing community service’, and lost his job at a Marietta, GA WalMart as a result.

Honorable mention number eight is my Lt Governor Dan Goeb Patrick, for posting a ‘you reap what you sow’ tweet five hours after the terror attack, and when the justifiable backlash hit him, tried to claim it was an error and was selected well in advance of Sunday’s event.

Honorable mention number nine is Rep Rick Allen (R-GA) who said ‘gays are worthy of death’and doesn’t feel the need to retract it in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting.

This week’s Shut Up Fool winner is Roger Jimenez, the California hate pastor who gleefully referred to the 49 victims as  pedophiles, stated he’s upset that the Pulse shooter didn’t finish the job,  and then doubled down on the gaybaiting hatred.

Ignorant hatemongers like you are why the Pulse shooting happened in the first place, and you are the reason why Christianity has such a negative connotation with millennials

Roger Jimenez (not going to even call you a pastor because you don’t deserve the title), I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, and oh yeah, shut up fool.

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