Shut Up Fool Awards- It’s Early Voting Time In Texas Edition

On Tuesday early voting commenced for the March 1 Texas Primary election.  Yep people, we are a Super Tuesday state, and our vote matters since 225 Democratic convention delegates are up for grabs.  The early voting period in Texas runs until February 26, and yes I’ve already handled my electoral business and voted in the primary and hope you will make your voice heard if not during the early voting period, on March 1.

It’s also Friday, and that means it’s time to call out the fool, fools or groups of fools that have exhibited WTF levels of idiocy and unleashed a string of stupid comments out of their mouths.

So let’s get busy calling out this week’s Shut Up Fool.

Honorable mention number one is Phyllis Schafly, for flapping her gums and stating all of President Obama’s judicial nominees need to be stalled and funding stripped from the federal courts.

Damn, is she still wasting O2 on this planet?

Honorable mention number two is the Log Cabin Republicans, who keep showing the world they have an incurable case of Stockholm Syndrome by agreeing to be a sponsor of CPAC.   Yep, they agreed to pay for admission into an event where many of the speakers will be dissing them from the stage.

Honorable mention number three is Caitlyn Jenner, for parting her lips and saying she gets more flack for being a Republican than being trans.

Are you really that isolated and clueless? Maybe in Caitlyn World that’s true, but the rest of us not living on a Malibu hilltop estate catch hell for being trans.   Bye, Caitlyn!

Honorable mention number four is Killer Mike for unleashing his problematic commentt at an ATL Sanders rally that he later apologized for that a uterus doesn’t qualify you to be POTUS.  

Neither does a penis, homes.

Honorable mention number five is every conservafool who believes the conservalie that President Obama killed Scalia.   Naw fools, natural causes did that.

Honorable mentions number six is Ted Cruz.   After bashing President Obama for his decision to skip the funeral of Antonin Scalia, his azz isn’t going to show up.

How do you say hypocrite in Spanish?

This week’s Shut Up Fool winner is The South Dakota Republican controlled legislature for passing the unjust  HB 1008 and now sending through another odious anti-trans bill in HB 1029.

As I keep pointing out, the most dangerous transphobic bigots are the ones with the power to pass legislation.

SD legislators like Reps. Jim Stalzer (R), Mark Willadsen (R) Steven Haugaard (R) Arch Beal (R) and Sen David Omdahl (R) are living examples of what I’m talking about.  

If you voted for them or are silent about what is happening in the Mount Rushmore State,  you are also complicit in the enabling of  oppression aimed at your transgender neighbors

South Dakota GOP,  shut up transphobic fools

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