Shut Up Fool Awards- Irma’s Tearing Stuff Up Edition

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Having recently gotten through a hurricane strike of my own in Harvey wreaking havoc on Houston and the upper Texas coastline, my heart and prayers go out to the people in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Florida Atlantic coast who are either getting whacked by Irma’s Cat 5 self or about to by this weekend.

But it’s Friday, and it’s time to whack stupidity, blow away hypocrisy, and just say no to what the hell idiocy.   It’s time for this week’s edition of the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.

Honorable mention number one is just pick a Trump Administration outrage or fool within it, starting with 45 himself.

Honorable mention number two is Maria Sharapova, who has been flapping her gums about Serena while she’s busy handling her mommy business claiming she’s responsible for making Serena the Greatest of All TIme.  

Really?  You’re 2-19 lifetime against Serena and you couldn’t beat her even on steroids, so shut your azz up comrade and have several seats

Honorable mention number three is all The Berners who still believe the Dem primary was ‘rigged’ and that Bernie would have beaten Trump in a general election.

You peeps repeating the lie you heard on RussiaLeaks is not only disrespectful to the Black Democrats who voted in large numbers for Clinton, it’s racist, too.  News flash, Black voters ain’t feeling Bernie Sanders, and the negative feelings we have for your Lord and Political Saviour have only gotten more intense since November 2016

And Sanders couldn’t even beat Clinton, who you also claim was a ‘poor candidate’.  Yeah, she was such an awful candidate she faced unprecedented sexism and misogyny, a media spreading smears about her, Russian interference, Stein and Johnson pulling voters from her and she still nearly won the presidency  

Honorable mention number four is Doctor Who writer Gareth Roberts (no relation to me, thank God, who let his transphobic flag fly earlier this week and tried to hold up being gay as a shield against his transphobic tirade.

Not today, transphobic Satan.   Hope some Daleks cart your azz off to deep space to exterminate your transphobic tendencies

Honorable mention number five is Philadelphia Police Officer’s Union President John McNesby, who parted his lips to call Black Lives Matter ‘ a pack of animals‘ during a ‘Blue Lives matter’ rally but defended an officer wearing a Nazi tattoo.

Racist much?   And you wonder why we sometimes in the Black community spell cop with three K’s and have the negative reactions we do to the police.

This week’s TransGriot Shut Up Fool Winner is Susan Sarandon.  

Image result for Susan SarandonThis fool and limousine driving Green Tea Party revolutionary had the nerve to tweet support to the DREAMers after 45 revoked DACA, and decry it as a terrible decision.  

Well the terrible decision you made in supporting Jill “I dine with Vladimir Putin’ Stein who had zero chance of winning the presidency greased the skids for the DACA repeal.

The Twitterverse justifiably dragged her azz and called her out for her WTF level idiocy

BTW, how’s ‘The Revolution’ going?  The one that you claimed would happen in 2000 when you supported Ralph Nader?

You’ve been loud and wrong for 16 years, so sit your clueless azz down and shut up fool!

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