Shut Up Fool Awards-GOP Goddam Edition

Seems like the GOP has lost their collective minds.  They are careening toward what is going to be an interesting convention for their presidential nomination, have two candidates universally hated by not only their own party but much of the populace, and one hanging around with no shot at winning it.

Their candidates around the country are saying so much stupidand WTF commentary it’s hard for me to keep up with at times, and they are gleefully embracing their oppressor gene in the states they control by using fear of trans people to attack the human rights of everyone.

It’s Friday, and it’s time for this week’s edition of the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.

Honorable mention number one is Bill Clinton, who forgot the first rule of a surrogate is to promote the candidate you are speaking for and not get bent out of shape because you got hit with protest over some bad policies pushed during your presidency.

Honorable mention number two is NC governor Pat McCrory (R), who is trying to claim that there has been no economic backlash against his state for passing the unjust HB2  while 13 organizations so far have canceled plans to have conventions in the state,  PayPal canceled plans for an expansion that would have added 400 jobs, and now Bruce Springsteen has just canceled a scheduled concert in Greensboro.

How much more money do you need to lose in order to get the message that transphobic bigotry is bad for business?

Honorable mention number three is Ray Lewis, who parted his lips to let out the asinine comment that slavery was about togetherness while attacking Black Lives Matter.

Yeah right,.we were together in the slave castles, chained together on that luxurious free boat ride, at the slave auction block and in the cotton fields.

You need to be slapped by the ancestors for even saying something that clueless.

Honorable mention number four is Florida governor Rick Scott  (R), who launched a personal attack video against a woman who called his azz out in a Starbucks

This week’s SUF winner is..Bernie Sanders.   He couldn’t explain to the NY Times editorial board in a disastrous interview how he would accomplish the signature issue of his campaign and break up the big banks, attacked Hillary Clinton for something she didn’t say and called the most qualified candidate for the presidency since John Quincy Adams ‘unqualified for the presidency’  in a Philly event, and then had to walk it back when the negative reaction to his jump the shark moment came fast and furously..

With every passing day, this DINO is proving himself to be the unqualified one for the office of POTUS, and much less our party’s nomination…

Bernie Sanders, shut up fool!.

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