Shut Up Fool Awards- Gender Infinity 2017 Edition

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At this moment I’m on the University of Houston campus (Go Coogs!) attending the sixth annual Gender Infinity Conference and getting my learn on.   Hey if you want to stay on top of the advocacy game, it involves constantly expanding your knowledge base.

Tomorrow is my heavy life day in which I get to teach my Texas Trans History seminar and take part in two other panels to close it out.    And hope they are planning to do the bowling party at Cougar Lanes for the trans kids .

And yeah, yeah quite aware of the fact today is Friday, and time for me to call out this week’s fool

But first, let’s start with the honorable mention peeps who were shining examples of the sadly infinite levels of idiocy, hypocrisy and WTF level commentary

Honorable mention number one is the group award for 45 and his misadministration.

Honorable mention number two is Kentucky governor Matt Bevin (R), who seems to have marijuana confused with the crystal meth and opioid problem plaguing the Bluegrass States and thinks that you can overdose on marijuana. 

The only overdoses that will happen if they legalize the sale of pot there is people overdosing on Kentucky Fried Chicken and naps

This week’s loser winner wasn’t 45, but said something just as jaw dropping ignorant and stupid

This week’s SUF winner is Mike Ditka, who parted his like to say something conservastupid in claiming that ‘there has been ‘no oppression that he knows of in the last 100 years’

Image result for Mike DitkaAnd yeah, Iron Mike, it’;s obvious like all conservative white men, you not only haven’t been paying attention, you refuse to see or acknowledge there’s a problem.

Dude, since 1917, which would cover the 100 years you claim there has been ‘no oppression of Black people, we had Jim Crow segregation, too numerous to count race riots, over 8000 lynchings, the Civil Rights Movement happen and far too numerous cases of police brutality aimed at African Americans.

Is that enough oppression for you vanillacentric privileged azz, or do i need to pull out more evidence predating 1917 for you?

Mike Ditka, shut up fool 

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