Shut Up Fool Awards–Fools Everywhere Edition

As our TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards mascot has often said,  Fools are everywhere.

And they have come out to play in a week leading up to a historic SCOTUS ruling combined with the right wing trying to tapdnce around the fact that one of their southen fried white supremacist bigots shot and killed 9 Black people in a Charleston, SC church.

So yeah, I know y`all wish to get right to this week`s TransGriot SUF winner is, and I needed extra time to determine it with the avalanche of late entries for the honor.

But with you TransGriot readers help, we have a winner.

This weeks fool is a Lone Star State one in longtime LGBT suburban LGBT hater Rick Scarborough.

Scarborough loudly  was sellin` woof tickets to the conservasheeple by claiming he would set himself on fire if the SCOTUS ruled to make same sex marriage the law of the land,   Now that that has happened, as I suspected, he has quickly done what all conservafools do by reneging on what hey say,

Yo dude, you need to make your deeds match your words, and I know more than a few peeps in the Houston area who would be happy to supply you with the gasoline and matches to immolate yourself.

All you have done is one again proved what lying you know whats you faux faith based haters really are.

Rick Scarborough, shut up fool!

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