Shut Up Fool Awards-First Olympic Weekend Edition

Hard to believe that a week has passed since I was parked in front of the television along with the rest of the planet eagerly awaiting the start of the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Games.  

This first week of competition from London has been a joy to watch.  With the athletics competition (track and field) starting today and many team events still moving toward medal round conclusions, we still have more thrilling Olympic memories, upsets, and joyful medal ceremonies to watch until August 17.

Then will come (sniff sniff) the closing ceremonies and we’ll have to wait until the world gathers in Rio for the 2016 Summer Games. 

While I’ve had my eyes on the marvelous sporting happenings and Olympic history taking place in jolly old England, it’s also an election year in the States, it’s Friday, and y’all know what I do at 12 noon CDT on these electronic pages.

Yep, it’s time for this week’s edition of the Shut Up Fool awards.  Since I’m feeling the Olympic spirit until the closing ceremonies of the Games happen and there are just so many fools to spotlight every week, I’m going to give out gold, silver and bronze level Shut Up Fool awards.

We had many contenders for these award ranging from Fox Noise, the Republican Party, Chick-Fil-A, Rep Trent Franks (R-AZ) , Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Rep Eric Cantor (R-VA), Stephen Marks, Eric Fehrnstrom, Rep Steve King (R-IA). Andrea Saul, Michael Steele, Ron Christie, Gretchen Carlson, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the 8 banned Olympic badminton contestants, Michel Morganella Voula Papachristou, .Mike Huckabee, R. Clarke Cooper, and Mitt Romney        


So let’s see who ended up on the top step of the Shut up Fool awards podium this week, shall we?  

Our Shut Up Fool bronze medal goes to Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX)  He said the new Health & Human Services Department rule — which
requires most employers to provide free birth control coverage in their
health insurance policies — was like prohibiting Jews from worshiping on
the Sabbath or banning communion.

I’m not gonna even waste any more bandwith on this fool.    Let’s move on.

Our Shut Up Fool silver medal goes to Tennessee conservafool state representative Kelly Keisling (R) who forwarded an e-mail to his constituents with the latest conspiracy theory from the batturd crazy wing that claims President Obama is going to fake an assassination attempt on his life, and in the wake of that declare martial law in order to delay the November elections.

Dude, have you checked the polls lately?  He’s winning.  Y’all wish the presidential election was being  delayed

Our Shut up Fool Gold Medal goes to Rep Mike Kelly (R-PA) . Kelly on Wednesday ridiculously equated the August first phase in of ACA women’s healthcare mandates to terrorism and Pearl Harbor.

“I want you to remember August 1, 2012 — the attack on our religious
freedom. That is a date that will live in infamy, along with those other

Dude, ‘religious freedom’ doesn’t mean you conservafools get to be a bigoted as you wanna be or force your belief systems on everybody else. 

It means clear separation of church and state. If the Catholic Church wants to use federal tax dollars to fund its programs, then it is subject to federal laws period with no exceptions.

And besides, i hardly think that free mammograms, getting contraception and the other preventative health care that the Affordable Care Act ushers in is a date that live in infamy.   People lost lives during 9-11 and the Pearl Harbor attacks and it is disrespectful to those people’s memories and their families that you would say some foul crap like that.

Rep. Mike Kelly, shut up Fool!

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