Shut Up Fool Awards- First Friday In February Edition

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It seemed like it took January six months to pass, but we finally got the apportunity to flip the 2020 calendar page to February and go through the first full week of it.

And as usual, the fools are all among us.  So let’s get started calling some ignorant mofos out.

Honorable mention this week was EVERY Republican senator who despite a Mout everest of evidence that shows that Donald Trump did what the house impeached his orange azz for, they voted to not only not call any witnesses, they voted to acquit him. 

 I hope and pray that every American citizen outraged about this carriage of injustice fires their GOP senator at the polls  on November 3.

The other honorable mention this week is Michael Bloomberg, who revealed to the world through a leaked 2016 video that he’s a transphobe.  Yeah, I’m  calling that azz  out at the JRR next week

This week’s winner is Mike Pompeo.

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The conservafools are big mad that Speaker Pelosi ripped up Orange Foolius’ SOTU propaganda rant speech when he was done gaslighting his conservasheeple, and Pompeo decided to troll Speaker Pelosi with a pic of Lisa Simpson crying as she rips up a speech she’d written.

Pompeo failed to realize since he probably never watches the show that he played himself.

That moment Pompeo screen grabbed is from a The Simpson’s episode called ‘ Mr Lisa Goes to Washington’.  She wins an all expenses paid trip to DC for her and her family as a result of winning an essay contest, and is a finalist for a $10,000 prize.

During the trip, she witnesses her congressman taking a bribe, and she concludes she must change the spech she’d originally written.   She rips it up, and writes a new one that calls out the cesspool of corruption inside I-495.

But then again, that would go over Pompeo’s head because as Trump’s Secretary of State,  he is part of the most corrupt regime in US history

Michael Watts said it best in his blogpost about Pompeo’s self pwning..

Unfortunately, Mr. Pompeo is part of an administration that is willing to sacrifice our ideals for the sake of achieving some type of short-term instant gratification instead of a lasting long-term investment. I can’t tell whether Pompeo is the congressman or the lobbyist because they are both going for the quick fix; the congressman for the rush of power or the lobbyist for the rush of making good on an investment.

And Mr. Pompeo should know better about surrendering our values given that he was trained as an Army officer at West Point where cadets are taught there are ideas and principles worth defending, fighting, and if necessary, sacrificing for them. 

Perhaps he forgot them upon leaving the Army.

Mike Pompeo, shut up fool! 

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