Shut Up Fool Awards- First 2012 Friday The 13th Edition

Today is the first Friday the thirteenth on the 2012 calendar for this year. 

In case you’re wondering TransGriot readers, we’ll only have two more of those this year on the 2012 calendar and they will occur in April and July 

That’s a nice segue into something that happens every Friday, and that is the much anticipated selection of this week’s TransGriot Shut Up Fool! award winner.

Every week I get to shine a bright spotlight on the fool, fools or group of fools who continue to remind us as Mr. T reminds us, that fools are everywhere.

And sometimes there are so many, that I need your help to sort  them out or suggest people that need to be given the Shut Up Fool! treatment. 

So lets get to this week’s award winner shall we? 

Our nominees this week were the Tennessee Legislature, Fox Noise, The GOP House majority, Bill ‘Cowboy’ Lamza (the Houston Dallas Cowboy fan still hating on the Texans), Rick Santorum,  Sen Jim DeMint (R-SC), Ron Paul,  Sen. John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Rep Allen West (R-FL), Gov Scott Walker (R-WI) , and Gov Rick Perry (R-TX)

Honorable mention goes to Taylor, the transphobic Girl Scout in Ventura County, California who was big and bad when she was spouting her ignorant YouTube diatribe against trans girls being allowed join the Girl Scouts while calling for a boycott of the Girl Scout cookie sale  

Now that the video went viral and she’s getting pushback and widespread condemnation for it all of a sudden the video went private.

But this week’s winner is Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney, who earned this week’s award with that arrogant victory speech in the wake of his win in New Hampshire Tuesday night. 

He asserted that anyone who criticized him about his engaging in vulture capitalism while the CEO of Bain Capital was ‘envious’, engaging in the ‘politics of envy’  and ‘attacking capitalism’.

Naw you Gordon Gekko wannabe, we’re calling your azz out.  By the way, when are you gonna release those tax returns?   Don’t be ‘scurred’  unless there’s something in them you don’t want us to see or you don’t have them because you haven’t paid taxes in the last few years.

Mitt Romney, shut up fool!.   

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