Shut Up Fool Awards- Fallon’s Fighting Edition

Our fave WMMA fighter Fallon Fox will be headed to Springfield, IL to take on Tamikka Brents as a co-main event bout in the Capital City Cage Wars

Should be a fun bout, hope Fallon emerges victorious and looking forward to seeing the video from it.

It’s Friday, and y’all know what that means.  It’s time to for you to discover what fool, fools or group of fools succumb to me knocking out their hypocrisy,   putting a headlock on their ignorance, dropkicking their arrogance, and putting the submission hold on their stupidity.

Yep people, it’s time for this week’s edition of the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.

Honorable mention number one is a group award for the Georgia Republican Party.  They are scared to death that Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn on the top of the November ballot will motivate Democratic voters to come to the polls in droves and take away the governor’s chair and a US Senate seat from them.  

So what do they do?  Scream about‘voter fraud’, racistly complain about Black voters and pull out the GOP voter suppression card.  Did you fools not learn anything from 2012 that the more you try o suppress our votes the higher our turnout grows?     Guess you’ll need to learn that lesson again in November.

Honorable mention number two is Joan Rivers, in one final nekulturny parting shot from beyond the grave, left instructions to ban Adele, Chelsea Handler and First Lady Michelle Obama from her funeral. 

Yeah right, I’m sure all three of those ladies are losing sleep over missing your funeral. 

Honorable mention number three to Bill Maher for his Islamophobia.  Yeah, Like fundie Christians and other fundamentalists of all stripes haven’t committed acts of terrorism in the name of their faith. 

Honorable mention number four is a group award to FOX Noisefor thinking domestic violence is funny.

Honorable mention number five is Mars Hill megachurch founder Marc Driscoll.  He was forced to close several branchesof his Washington state based church and take a leave of absence for his anti-woman and anti-gay views.

He caused major controversy that messed with the cash flow of his christobidness by referring to women as ‘penis homes’.  Misogyny wrapped in prayer is still misogyny.  

And I’ll bet you vote Republican, too. 

Honorable mention number six is Ray Fournier.  The Wake County, NC teacher put his job in jeopardy when he wrote an anti-public education screed in a homeschooling magazine that violated Godwin’s Law.  

“I warned them about the spiritual dangers of public education, but
sadly they ignored my warning,” he wrote. “It was as if their daughters
where [sic] placed inside a spiritual gas chamber. It didn’t
take long for the poison to take effect. Within a year’s time, one of
them even became a lesbian.”

He apologized, but some parents in the Fuqay-Varina School District are still calling for his resignation or firing.  

Hey Ray here’s a thought.  If you don’t like teaching in public schools, do the right thing for your students and leave.

Honorable mention number seven goes to Michael Moore, who because he’s pissed he isn’t deferentially liberal enough for him, opened his mouth to say that history will only remember President Obama as a Black president. 

Naw Mike, history will remember President Obama for saving the auto industry, stopping our freefall into a second Great Depression, ending DADT, ending the Iraq War as promised, passing the Affordable Care Act, ending DADT, being the best POTUS on transgender rights in American history, getting Osama bin Laden, nominating Sonia Sotomayor to the SCOTUS….Did I forget anything?

And he did all that while facing Massive Resistance 2.0 from the Teapublicans 

Honorable mention number eight is a group award for the NFL, for totally making a mess of this Rice domestic violence form the too short suspension to now apparently being caught lying about receiving the more vicious tape of him throwing a punch at his wife that wold have made Mike Tyson proud.

Honorable mention number nine is christopimp James David Manning of the virulently anti-gay ATLAH Missionary Church in Harlem, NY.   He parted his lips to say Michael Sam would be marrying a nine year old  

Nope pastor,I think Mr. Sam’s current main squeeze is way older than age nine.

Ben Stein speaks to Fox NewsThis week’s Shut up Fool winner is Ben Stein for parting his lips to say this jaw dropping statement on where else, FOX Noise. 

‘There was a time, even in my youth … when lynchings of African Americans were not that incredibly rare. Now the lynchings are of the police, and it’s just an outrage!’

WTF? When I start seeing police officers strung up from trees for just minding their own business, then that jacked up racist statement you made will have a sliver of credibility.  

Until then Ben Stein, shut up fool.

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