Shut Up Fool Awards-Creeping Closer To Christmas Edition

Well peeps, only 13 more days until the Festival of Conspicuous Consumption (AKA Christams) arrives.   I ‘m doing double duty in the shopping department looking for stuff to set up my apartment with and presents for my nieces and close friends and family.

There are two peeps however who will be getting a lump of coal if that much from me on December 25.

Moving on before I commence to writing Grinch-like commentary..

It’s Friday, and it’s time for the weekly TransGriot post you longtime readers love in which I call out this week’s fool, fools, or motley collection of fools deserving of group recognition

So let’s get busy shall we?

Honorable Mention number one is the not so dynamic duo of Craig James and Peter Sprigg.  The FRC spokesoppressors were hatin’ on transpeeps for the holidays by suggesting a federal gender identity constitutional amendment be passed to roll back the human rights of trans people.

I got a constitutional amendment for you.  How about one that bans the use of constitutional  amendments or referendums to roll back people’s human rights?

Honorable Mention number two is Geraldo Rivera, who sold out to his Fox Noise paymasters and joined in the faux vanillacentric outrage over the ‘I Can’t Breathe’ shirts that many NBA and other pro athletes are starting to wear in solidarity over the Garner case.

Geraldo, how about a nice tall glass of shut the hell up?

Honorable Mention number three is a group award to everyone in Fayetteville, AR who drank the right wing Kool-Aidl voted to repeal the just passed in August non discrimination ordinance expanding coverage to LGBT people.  That’ll make the University of Arkansas’ job of attracting LGBT scholarsand students much harder.

Time to modify the calling of the hogs cheer .   Boooooooooooooooooooo  Pig Sooie.

Honorable Mention number four is my governor until January, Rick Perry, who opened his mouth and let something else stupid fly out of it by claiming the Bible proves that poverty is inevitable.

Something else that is inevitable is a Texas Republican saying something, sexist, bigoted, racist or off the charts stupid.

Honorable Mention number five is a group award for every GOP legislator filing or trying to pass ‘right to discriminate bills.  For all you peeps who sat out the November election, this is the bullcrap you enabled when you refused to participate in the election.

This week’s Shut Up Fool winner, just to point out that my search for fools is international,  we go all the way to New Zealand for 

This week’s winner is Logan Robertson, the pastor of a church in Auckland, NZ who sent a hate-filled e-mail to prominent gay Christian author Jim Marjoram in which he ‘prays he commits suicide‘.

How sad.  Another hate pastor who worships Conservagod.   All I have to say is that some of you good christians are going to be very surprised who gets Left Behind.

I pray that Robertson repents and gets over his foaming at the mouth homophobia.   But somehow I doubt that’s gonna happen anytime soon with this christohater..

Logan Robertson, shut up fool!

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