Shut Up Fool Awards-Congratulations Class Of 2015 Edition

The month of May also means it’s time for graduations.  While the ones that get the most attention are at the collegiate level and from high school, you also have people making the jump from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school.

They are not only rites of passage, they are moments of personal achievement, triumph, perseverance and growth.

Congrats to all of you in the Class of 2015 who are crossing those stages around the country to get their diplomas and move on the next stages of their lives.

It’s Friday. and time for our usual business of calling out peeps who have an associate in stupidity, a bachelor’s in ignorance, a masters in brazen hypocrisy, and a PhD in mind blowing WTF actions that compel this blog to call them out and give them Shut Up Fool Awards.

So let’s crank up Pomp and Circumstance and get busy passing out this week’s Shut Up Fool Awards.

Honorable mention number one is Raven-Symone, who parted her lips but unfortunately didn’t take her brain out of neutral when she opened her mouth on The View in opposition to putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.   An idea BTW, that a majority of people in an online poll said yes to.

What next Raven?  You going to audition to be a FOX Noise fembot?  You already have the prerequisite qualifications of hair color to be one.

Honorable mention number two is a group award for FOX Noise for going off the deep end when the FLOTUS called out the racism she and her family have been subjected to during a commencement speech at Tuskegee and the POTUS called out FOX Noise for their slanted anti-poor propaganda.

Predictably, they sent the Fox Kneegrow Sellout Brigade to do their dirty work for them, but it doesn’t change the fact the POTUS and FLOTUS were on target in calling the issues they separately discussed out.

Honorable mention number three is another group award for the Duggar family.   Jessa and her hubby launched an idiocy filled commentary that attacked atheists and tried to claim Flintstones science (AKA creationism) was real.    Then her mom Michelle engaged in pimping the debunked trans predator myth again.

The Duggars continue to serve as shining examples as to why birth control should be legal and available, and homeschooling should be banned.

Honorable mention number four is Beverly Roberts (damned sure ain’t no relation to me) an area director of the Concerned Women of America who admitted she gave false testimony to a May 4 Texas Senate committee hearing concerning SB 2065, a bill that would shield clergy from having to perform same sex weddings.

Honorable mention number five is Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R-TN).   This serial adulterer, pressured one of his mistresses to have an abortion, but just voted for the GOP 20 week abortion ban bill.  

Honorable mention number six is Rafael Cruz.   Daddy Cruz let loose another ridiculous claim in Edmond, OK  that LGBT rights would lead to football teams showering with girls.

Some boys would probably love that idea, but looks like you were watch oo much of Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs when you let that crap fly out of your mouth, so have a seat.

This week’s Shut up Fool winner is Sandy Rios, who blames homosexuality for the Philly Amtrak crash because the engineer in it is an aleged marriage quality supporter.

Sandy Rios, of the American Family Association, said that children are ...

How fracked up is Rios and the movement she represents to use a tragedy like this in which 8 people died  and dozens of other folks were injured in order to further the Hate The Gays political agenda of the American Fascist Family Association?

Shut the hell up fool!

Note: Grad photo is of my homegirl Tarah, who is graduating from UHD.  She is a former White House intern, an amazing ally, mom and wonderful friend I want to be like when I grow up.

Photo taken by Colby CJ Walker Photography

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