Shut Up Fool Awards-Chillin’ At Fantasia Fair 41 Edition

As you TransGriot readers may already be aware of, I’ve been here in Provincetown, MA for the last few days attending my first ever Fantasia Fair Conference.

This is the 41st annual edition of the longest running trans themed conference in the United States, and I have been having a blast getting to see old friends, meet new ones and just having a great time up here in addition to handing some keynote business on Tuesday when I was honored with the Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award.

But while I’ve been up here in New England experiencing Fantasia Fair,  the world beyond Cape Cod and P-town keeps on turning, and fools kept doing what they do

And as I do every Friday, I gots to call them out.

Honorable mention number one is Donald Trump for the usual crimes against common sense.

Honorable mention number two is Ben Carson who is now the front runner in the GOP POTUS field in Iowa.

Honorable mention number three is TX Lt Governor Dan Patrick for meddling in Houston human rights business and hypocritically attacking the HERO while knowing the same laaw exists in Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio and El Paso.

Honorable mention number four is Jeb Bush for disrespecting a DREAMer at a recent campaign event.

This week’s Shut Up Fool winner is a group award for every Republican member of the House Benghazi Select Committee.   They kept former secretary of state Hillary Clinton on the witness stand for 11 hours yesterday in a political witch hunt that had the goal of ruining her 2016 presidential campaign, but may have backfired to the point where they may have handed her the Oval Office.

As she sat there hour after hour looking presidential, they looked like the mean spirited political buffoons playing to their base they were as the Democratic members of it took shots at not only the entire event like Rep Elijah Cummings, but other Democratic members had her back.

GOP Benghazi Select Committee members, have several sections of seats at FedEx Field and shut up fools.

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