Shut Up Fool Awards-Calling Out Fools Edition

It’s Friday, and once again it’s time to get busy with our highly popular TransGriot public service of calling out the fool, fools or groups of fools in our midst.

Honorable mention number one is Bob McNair.  The Houston Texans owner haspissed off moi and much of his fanbase with his boneheaded decision to donate $10,000 to the anti-HERO haters, then tried to put a weak azzed statement to justify his decision.

Not a smart move to piss off much of your fanbase who is already upset over the Texans 1-4 start, and spit in the face of  TBLG Texans fans.    

Honorable mention number two is Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who said it was okay for companies to fire LGBT workers and if LGBT people wanted to keep their jobs, they need to stay in the closet.

Kentucky voters, can y’all fire his azz as your senator?

honorable mention number three is James David Manning, who slithered out of his hate tabernacle to issue a call to ‘boycott all sodomites’.

Honorable mention number four is to Mike Huckabee, who tried to troll the Democratic debate and got called out for the dual racist tweets he got called out on.

You keep proving every day why you are unfit to be the Republican POTUS nominee, much less president.

Honorable mention number five is TX Rep. Jason Villalba (R), who also got himself in trouble trolling the Democratic debate and violating Godwin’s law by calling Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish, a Nazi.,

Another example of why your neo- Know Nothing party needs to become the minority party as expeditiously as possible in the Lone Star State.

Honorable mention number six is TI, for his problematic sexist comment that he can’t vote for a female president.   Kneegrow, you’re a convicted felon and CAN’T vote, so sit your sexist azz down somewhere and STFU.

This week’s Shut Up Fool winner is  the unnamed white female teacher at Bailey Park Elementary in Grinnell, IA who had racism as the lesson of the day. for two biracial kids.

iowa-educator-accused-of-making-racist-comments-to-mixedrace-kids-video_1The teacher said to two biracial kids that they were ‘stupid and didn’t know anything’, and that ‘black people and white people shouldn’t be a family or go to the same schools.’

First off, that teacher needs to be identified, not shielded so they can own their racist behavior and NEVER be hired to teach in a public school setting ever again.  

This is the microaggressive shyt that Black children have to deal with as they navigate the educational system, that has long term repercussions on their self esteem and drags down their academic performance vis a vis their white counterparts, and it needs to stop.

And as for that racist teacher, shut up fool!


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