Shut Up Fool Awards- April Fool’s Day 2016 Edition

It’s April Fool’s Day, and fortunately for y’all coudln’t settle on this year’s April Fool’s Day TransGriot spoof post in time to spring it on y’all by midnight CDT because I’ve had a few things on my writing plate that have had my attention.

But we’ve had an avalanche of fools speaking and saying WTF stuff ever since this year dawned three months ago, and I’ve been gleefully calling them out every Friday.

Let’s go straight to the this week’s winner, shall we?

This week’s loser, er winner is Susan Sarandon.    She earned it for the MSNBC All In interview with Chris Hayes and her clueless commentary that a Republican needs to get elected to bring about the so-called political revolution Bernie Sanders has been talking about.

Charles Blow already called her outfor it along with the author of this Salon article, now it’s my turn,

Are you kidding me?  That comment from you is not only majorly problematic, but is off the charts stupid in an election cycle in which there are four potential SCOTUS seats opening up plus 86 unfilled federal judiciary seats.  We also have the possibility of regaining the senate by flipping four Senate seats, and a longshot chance with the flipping of 30 seats of retaking the House.

We need all liberal progressive hands on deck at the ballot boxes across the country on November 8 to make that happen, not another situation because the Democratic nominee isn’t ideologically pure enough for some of you sitting at home on that date petulantly pouting.

I remember what happened when you and other Nader supporters in 2000 took enough votes away from Al Gore to make the election close enough for GW Bush to steal and we all know how that disastrous eight year mispresidency turned out.

So your suggestion that a jacked up GOP presidency will bring about Bernie’s ‘revolution’ is not only flawed, it’s off the charts delusional.   And as part of a minority group being legislatively attacked by the Republican Party, the last thing I want or need to see is them trying to pass these anti-trans attack laws at the federal level and a President trump (or Cruz or Kasich) signing them..

It’s also the height of vanillacentric privileged arrogance to push that position because you’re pissed off your candidate is miserably failing in his attempt to hijack the Democratic Party nomination and Democrats like myself are #NotFeelingTheBern and are supporting the longtime Democrat in Hillary Clinton for our party’s nomination.

Susan Sarandon, shut up fool!.

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