Shut Up Fool Awards- 2016 March Madness Ballin’ Edition

We’re now into the first week of March, and what that means is we’re about to start our annual national obsession with college basketball and the NCAA tournament.   This year the NCAA Men’s Final Four will be played at NRG Stadium here in H-town on April 2-4, and the NCAA Women’s Final Four will take place in Indianapolis April 3-5.

2016 Women's Final Four Logo.png

The conference tournaments will be kicking off this weekend and next for the power conferences to settle what teams get their respective conferences automatic tournament bids, with the rest of the tournament field being revealed on the nationally televised tournament selection shows for the men’s and women’s tournaments o see what teams riding the bubble got in and who didn’t..

And yes, I’ll be joining in the national Bracketology madness as I reveal my NCAA men’s and women’s tournament brackets 

Speaking of March Madness, let’s segue into my usual Friday business of calling out our assorted  fools for their championship levels of arrogance and WTF mind blowing ignorance.

It’s time for this week’s edition of the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.

Honorable mention number one goes to the still unnamed 43 year old ammosexual who was taking selfies with his gun in Skagit County, Washington and forgot he left a bullet in the chamber.  It was the last thing this Darwin Award nominee would forget because he accidentally shot himself in the face.

Well, that’s one less vote for Donald Trump.

Honorable mention number two is Stephen A. Smith, who during a Black History Month event at the University of South Alabama told the students there they‘didn’t experience racism‘.

Oh really?   Negro, please.

Honorable mention number three is a group award to the Berners who attacked Elizabeth Warren, have pissed off superdelegates,  and generally not played well with others online

Honorable mention number four is a group award for the Louisville Trump rally attendees who tapped into their inner bigots and shoved a sisterbeing thrown out of their Klan rally.

Guess they didn’t get the ‘We’re not racist’ memo from Speaker Paul Ryan.

That’s a nice segue into Honorable mention number five, Speaker Paul Ryan for that spin filled lie he told that there’s no place for bigotry in the Republican Party.

Bullshyt.   Your party’s path to political power and keeping it since the late 60’s is not only based on the Nixonian Southern Strategy playbook, but pouring gasoline on the hellfire flames of bigotry and anti-POC racism keeps your low information base voters angry and voting GOP.

Honorable mention number six is the employees of the Redmond Athletic Club in Redmond, WA.  They lost their lease on Monday and Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor was thinking about buying it. 

He rolls up to check out the place, looks into the window, asks for help and the two female employees of the RAC called the cops on him.

Can you say ‘bigoted idiots’ TransGriot peeps?   Thought you could.   Needless to say Kam ain’t wasting his time or dropping his cash on a purchase of this health club.

Honorable mention number seven is New Hampshire state rep Kyle Tasker.   The 30 year old legislative perv got busted for trying to get freaky with a 14 year old girlhe solicited online that turned out to be a police officer.  

And note once again this armed GOP child predator wasn’t in a bathroom or wearing female clothing at the time he was trying to make that tawdry hookup.

Honorable mention number eight is Jeffrey Lord.  The Trump surrogate got called out by Van Jones on CNN for the crime of trying to spin the Ku Klux Klan as a liberal organization when anyone with a reality based grasp of American history knows they are a right wing white supremacist terrorist organization.

But naw, anything to make Donald Trump, conservatism, whiteness and white supremacy look pristine and not as evil, oppressive and ugly as it is in reality.

This week’s Shut up Fool   loser winner is Caitlyn Jenner, who returned to the SUF ranks thanks to a Dawn Ennis interview in The Advocate in which Jenner expressed the desire to be a trans ambassador for transphobic oppressor Ted Cruz

WTF?  But then again, that is par for the trifling course with her,  and you know Moni put her on blast in this post.

Hold up, just thought of something else to put her on blast for.  I`m a proud Texan, and even I don`t want for the rest of my lifetime another Republican Texan at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Especially someone as slimy as the junior senator from Alberta  

I have one other thing to say about this latest demonstration of conservaidiocy from Jenner.

Caitlyn Jenner, shut up fool!

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