Shut Up Fool Awards-2015 Texans Training Camp Edition

It’s getting close to that time of year Moni loves in terms of the start of the NFL football season.   Training camps are starting to or have been opening for all 32 teams across the country.

For my fave NFL squad, it starts on Sunday as they welcome players to the Methodist Hospital Complex across Kirby Drive from NRG Stadium. 

Head coach Bill O’Brien and his staff will begin the work to pare down that large group of players, returning vets, rookies and undrafted free agents to that final 45 man roster that will open the season September 13 at home against the Kansas City Chiefs.

And yeah, if you’re wondering if me, Eli and defending 2014 prognostication champ Mike Watts will bump heads again this season, I’m already prepping for it so I can take my title back. 

There is an air of optimism amongst the fans of all NFL teams about their prospects of either making the playoffs, returning to the playoffs or making a deep postseason run that ends with their team hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

But enough NFL jibber-jabber.   It’s Friday, and y’all wish to find out what fool, fools or group of fools are champions if idiocy. 

Time for this week’s edition of the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.

Honorable mention number one is Zoey Tur, for saying in a friend’s FB post ‘there is no transgender community.   Really?  I’d expect something that illogical to come out of the mouth of a newly transitioned hothead who has alienated people left and right who wished to help her get acclimated to Trans World and its dynamics..


Honorable mention number two is Donald Trump.   Just pick any ignorant statement he’s made this week and it was good enough to get him an SUF honorable mention..

Honorable mention number three is Taylor Swift, formaking itall about her and demonstrating once againthat #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen when Nicki Minaj blasted the VMA’s and the music industry in general for their double standard of constantly nominating videos with images of ‘very slim bodies’ while ignoring the ones that don’t like her Anaconda one.

Honorable mention number four is the state of Texas, for violating the 14th Amendment and racistly refusing to issue birth certificates to US citizen children born to undocumented Mexican immigrants.   They are being sued on it, and the case is winding its way through the federal court system. 

I’m willing to bet that Texas would have a problem if those same American children were born to undocumented Canadian or European.immigrants.

And by dint of that kid being born on US soil, unless his parents are diplomats, they are American citizens. .

Honorable mention umber five is Buffalo Common Council candidate Joseph Mascia, who got caught unleashing his inner Archie Bunker and refuses to end his campaign after being busted for repetitively saying the n-word and other derogatory comments about Black people.

I repeat, anti-Black hatred is systemic and a real problem.

Honorable mention number six is Marco Rubio, for opening his mouth on FOX noise and saying President Obama ‘has no class‘.

Dude, you don’t know how to spell the words class in either Spanish or English.  The POTUS has more class in his pinky finger than your entire clown bus full of GOP presidential candidate.

Honorable mention number seven is the GOP dominated Texas Supreme Court, who ignored massive fraud by their GOP friends and in a (surprise, surprise) partisan ruling not only blocked the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, but ordered the Houston City Council to either repeal HERO in 30 days or place it on the ballot.

That means for the Houston LGBT community, our human rights not only got put on hold, but place on the ballot so a tyranny of the majority can vote on them

This week’s Shut Up Fool loser winner is Ben Hall

The former Houston city attorney got his azz whipped by 30 points in losing to Mayor Annise Parker’s final reelection campaign in 2013, and has doubled down on the homophobia and transphobia in his 2015 mayoral run.

He sent out a huffy press release earlier in the week denying he was a hater when the news surfaced that he’d signed Dave Wilson’s anti-trans petition and received a donation from longtime gaybaiter Steven Hotze, then reversed himself the next day and claimed he was ‘proud to sign it’.

Dude, you just proved whatI said in this post about you, and you’ve been an opponent of the Houston LGBT community since October 2013. 

He doubled down on the anti-LGBT bigotry in yesterday’s press conference, and is running with the tag line he wants to be the ‘Mayor For All Houstonians’.  Unless of course, you happen to be a trans, bi or SGL Houstonian, then he doesn’t care about you.

You effort to rip human rights protection from Houston LGBT citizens makes you unfit to be mayor of this city.   You not only won’t gt my vote, but neither will you get the votes of people who are our allies and appreciate the fact this is a diverse town that welcomes to contributions of ALL its citizens. 

Ben Hall, have several sections of seats at NRG Stadium and Shut up Fool!

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