Shut Up Fool Awards-2015 Labor Day Weekend Edition

It’s Labor Day weekend, and it’s considered the last weekend of the summer season.  People are getting their last trips in to the beach or wherever they wish to travel before the weather starts turning cooler.

For those peeps in the pageant world, Labor Day weekend means the annual pilgrimage to Chicago for the Miss Continental pageant.

But what this day is for in the United States and Canada is to celebrate workers.

For those of you who are on the job either serving the public, building things, repairing and maintaining our infrastructure or are running mom and pop businesses or startups, this day to to recognize and celebrate you.

And hopefully we will see more progress in the coming year to raising the minimum wage to $15 an the US.

Speaking of labor, time to get to my usual Friday labor of love in which I get to call out what fool, fools or groups of fools get this week’s Shut Up Fool honors.

Honorable mention number one is Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) who is named for a double dip of idiocy.   First, he was quoted during a campaign stop as saying that ‘people with jobs don’t do heroin’

Oh really?   The employed not only can do heroin, but get coke, weed, OxyContinin… get the drift.

Then he said that lack of assimilation was the problem of native Americans .   Gee that’s mighty white of you to say, Rand.

Honorable mention number two is Michael Whaley, the latest kneegrow to go on FOX Noise and coon it up for the conservafools.  They brought his azz on to attack Black Lives Matter..

Honorable mention number three is Raymond Mott who provides more evidence that the po-po’s are contaminated with white supremacists, and gives us Black peeps even more ammo to be wary of them.

he denied he was a member of the KKK, then came clean, refused to resign and claimed that ‘he’d been baptized.’  

Baptized by who?   Tell us who he’s been baptized by; Church Lady.

Honorable mention number four is a joint award for Minnesota Teapublican state reps Tim Kelly and Tara Mack, who both got caught with their pants down in a park by a Dakota County police officer while their married to other people azzes were making out with each other.

Reps Kelly and Mack compounded their multiple violations of the Ten Commandments by calling the officer who wrote them public nuisance citations a liar.

There’s those hypocritical GOP family values for you.   And note they love the po-po’s until they start enforcing the laws on their vanillacentric privileged behinds

Honorable mention number five is Bristol Palin, who proved once again she’s her mother’s daughter with an ignorant facts free anti-Obama rant

Honorable mention number six is Mike Huckabee, who got called out on MSNBC’s Morning Joe for his hypocrisyin calling Hillary Clinton a ‘lawbreaker’, but supports lawbreakers Kim Davis and Josh Duggar.

Honorable mention number seven is Anthony Horowitz, who opened his mouth to say that actor Idris Elba was ‘too street’ to play James Bond and then apologized after his ass got justifiably called out on it.

This week’s Shut Up Fool loser winner is Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman (R), for that jacked up press conference last Saturday in which he blamed Black Lives Matter for the fatal shooting of one of his deputies, when even the detectives working the case don’t know the cause of the Goforth killing yet.

His problematic and racist comments have had the ripple effect of triggering a conservative attack aimed at the Black Lives Movement that FOX Noise has eagerly egged on.

Ron Hickman, shut up fool!

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