Shut Up Fool 02/19/2021

This week although between Donny Boy, Mitch McConnell, and multiple other fools it looks like we gotta keep the award here in the Lone Star State. Although Greg Abbott definitely deserves the award, there’s one other local fool that just took the cake!


Let’s chat about Abbott a little more. Abbott has been making multiple foolish comments from his views on the Green New Deal, all the way to wanting to get answers from the folks with ERCOT. In a statement he says, “Texans deserve answers about why the shortfalls occurred, and how they’re going to be corrected and Texans will get those answers,”. This is important because we Texans have been deserving answers from Abbott nearly as long as he’s been in office, but we’ll save that for the next article in which we speak on local issues because Abbott is definitely an issue!


Now to the fool! This week’s fool is a familiar fool, Ted Cruz from his actions this week. With record breaking low temperatures here in Texas many of us were hit with power outages, freezing temperatures, undrivable roads, and overall total chaos! With grocery store shelves empty, gas stations closed. or out of gas and/or power, Texas was said by many to be “a total disaster”!


Ironically Senator Ted Cruz claims that his family traveled to Cancun, Mexico for a family “vacation” which was a total LIE. The tickets are reported to have been from Wednesday thru Saturday. Sources soon found out that the family “vacation” was actually not planned at all!  Sources say that Cruz’s wife Heidi sent a text inviting friends and some Houston neighbors to join them stating that the house is FREEZING!

But of course after getting a large amount of criticism from locals he returned on Thursday making the following statement (image  below)

After fleeing the state and receiving a well deserved lashing from local activists, news media, and other elected officials from all over the country he decided to put out the following statement:


“As it became a bigger and bigger firestorm, it became all the more compelling that I needed to come back”.   


So Gov. Abbott, do me a favor, while you’re demanding answers and asking folks to step down from ERCOT. How about you expect the same from Senator Ted Cruz? As some would say he left you high and dry but in this case he left you out in the cold!  


Ted Cruz come collect this award and while you’re at it remember to Shut Up Fool!


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