She Sure Is Prepared To Be POTUS

No matter how much some people irrationally hate on her, let’s be real about this salient point concerning Sec. Hillary Clinton.

She is the most qualified candidate we have had in my lifetime to become president of the United States.   She has been the First Lady, a twice elected US Senator for New York, and the former Secretary of State under President Obama

She is light years more qualified to be the POTUS on January 20, 2017 than that bigoted, sexist failed businessman with orange hair.   She’s also light years far more qualified to be president than the so called alternatives like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

The major reason people (and it’s predominately conservative leaning white males) hate her is because she’s a woman.  And for those of you on the conservative side who will claim what I just wrote is not true, no boo boo kitties, it is.

The Green Tea Parties on the left who snipe at her have been predominately repeating right wing talking points to do so, and manu of them doing the hatin’ from the left are third party advocates.

Y’all can hate on Sec. Clinton all you want, the reality is she is the only person standing between Donald Trump and the White House.  I’ll be proud to vote for her on October 24 (the first day of early voting in Texas) and call her Madame President

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