Shane’s Lack Of Trans Men Of Color Representation Video

Last week I challenged Houston area trans men to step up their leadership game and do their part to help ‘ejumacate’ our people on trams issues.   As I said in that post, “The education of our people about trans issues can’t solely be a trans feminine responsibility.”

The best people poised to do the educating about trans masculinity are trans men themselves, and that can’t be done with y’all either being ignored by the media or trans men sitting on the sidelines refusing to get involved while simultaneously complaining about the lack of coverage on their issues.

Closed mouths of marginalized people that don’t speak their minds don’t get fed, and also don’t get the media attention they deserve.

One of my goals in this TransGriot 10th anniversary year is to also feature the voices of other trans women of color and my trans brothers.

Love this video from Shane Ortega discussing the marginalization and of marginalization of trans men of color..

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