Sen Garcia Takes On A Legislative Trans Oppressor

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Texas state Senator Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston) has been a stand up ally and champion for the Texas trans community as we have fought SB 6 and now SB 3.   She’s not a member of the Senate State affairs Committee, but she sat in the hearing room through the 10+ hours of testimony back in March and during last Friday’s hearing.

Yesterday she took part in a conversation hosted by the Texas Tribune in Austin yesterday concerning the anti-trans HB 46 and HB 50 bills with their sponsor Rep. Ron Simmons (R-Carrollton)

All that came out during this conversation is just how awesome Sen. Garcia is about the subject and how clueless Rep. Simmons is when it comes to trans issues.

And Sen Garcia is right when she starts that ‘Dignity and Diversity over Discrimination’ is more important.

You can check it out for yourself.

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