Sen. Boxer Calls The GOP Senators Out

IMG_0729“I thought they were the party of ‘family values.’ Show me where that’s true? Ripping families apart? I thought they were the party of ‘economic prosperity.’
Show me how that’s true, when we know from study after study that one
of the greatest things we can do for our economy and job creation is get
people out of the shadows so they can go buy a home and hold a good
job. They (Republicans) can’t or won’t pass an immigration bill. They will not do their job. So when the president steps in and does his job, they say, ‘Oh, this is terrible! Let’s shut down a totally unrelated department. The Department of Homeland Security.”

-Sen. Barbara Boxer

Too bad Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is retiring in 2016.

She called out the Teapublicans in a blistering 20 minute floor speech that took them to task for the off the charts hatred of President Obama among other subjects that those of us sick of the GOP have long called their butts out for.

And yes, I have the video of Senator Boxer handling her US senate business.  Enjoy the verbal smackdown  she delivered.

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