Scott Turner Schofield Drops Some Bathroom Knowledge

One of the many people I met during my Fantasia Fair experience last year was actor Scott Turner Schofield.  He is one cool guy, and I loved his one man show Debutante Balls that he performed for us during #FF15 you’ve got to see.

Scott is also from North Carolina, and like everyone else who calls the Tarheel State home, is not happy about the passage of HB2, the transphobia it is fueling there and nationwide, and the economic damage it is wreaking on his home state.

Scott posted a commentary on his Facebook page that must be signal boosted. It’s short, sweet and to the point about the potty panic the conservative movement has been using to demonize trans people and attack everyone’s human rights and you ignorati are falling for it..

Now it’s time to flush some transphobia.   Here’s Scott’s commentary

Dear Men & Other People Who Grew Up Using the Men’s Room:

Have you ever seen a penis in the restroom? Besides accidentally (or purposefully!) casting a sideways glance at the urinal? Is it a common practice for people to wander around with their genitals hanging out?

Because I’ve been using the men’s room for 10 years, and I’ve never seen so much as a pubic hair (other than on the seat).

So tell me: why are you all so scared of a woman who formerly had or currently has a penis using the women’s room? They have not been trained to whip it out and walk around, even as children. And living with all the shame society spreads on us for being transgender makes all of us cover and hide our bodies in ways you can’t even imagine.

Please chill the hell out. Just because we are Trans does not make us animals. We don’t want your kids seeing our parts anymore than you do – and we never, ever have.

Please share to all people who are still wrapping their heads around this. Your fears are not facts. And “perverts in bathrooms” have never been legal – but we didn’t get all bigoted against America’s arguably most persecuted minority to prove it.


Scott Turner Schofield

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