SBC Trans Hatefest Starts In Louisville Today

In a few hours the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary will host a hatefest conference in which they will arrogantly spend three days in trans-free rooms coming up with new ways to spin scripture to attack the trans community.

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming.  When they lost on marriage, they were going to have to come up with a new enemy to attack and organize their faith based minions around, and it is now us.

The Southern Baptist denomination at their June 2014 conference in Baltimore voted to hate on trans people and to officially put themselves on the wrong side of the trans human rights movement just as they did over a century and a half ago on slavery and Jim Crow segregation.   

They can meet if they wish, but the bottom line is and will always be that we trans people and our allies will not allow ANY religious
denomination to attempt to turn the non-debatable existence of trans
people into a theological issue.

And we damned sure are resisting it with every fiber of our beings.

Hope Louisville is planning a special welcome for you and the rest of Satan’s Helpers.

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