Saying Hello To The Camp Aranu’tiq West Campers

Couldn’t let this week pass without pointing out to you TransGriot readers the inaugural session of Camp Aranu’tiq Westis occurring as I compose this post.

It started July 1 and will continue through July 7,  and I hope the trans and gender variant kids that are congregated in the camp’s double secret California location are having a wonderful time, enjoying meeting each other and having fun.

So what’s Camp Aranu’tiq?  It’s the trans summer camp that has been around since 2010 founded by Nick Teich.   Since you have more trans people transitioning at earlier ages, the need arose for those parents who wished to have their transkids take part in a summer camp style program and meet other kids like them arose.  It already has an picturesque New England campus and this year expanded the program to the West Coast.   The Camp Aranu’tiq east session will happen in August.

Hope it continues to grow prosper and we see more camps like it open up in other parts of the country.

Just in case there happens to be any Camp Aranu’tiq campers reading my blog, here’s a message especially for you.

Know that your trans elders and our allies love you.  We are doing everything we can to fight for a world in which you have an easier time navigating it.  Have fun while you’re there at camp and be proud of the men and women of trans experience you are growing into.

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