#SayHisName Mel Robert Groves

On October 11th in Jackson, Mississippi the Jackson police department started their investigation for the murder of Mel Robert Groves who was shot multiple times before driving himself to Merit Health Hospital and collapsing outside his car. 

Presently police have no leads or any idea on where the shooting took place and are encouraging anyone with any information that may lead to an arrest to please come forward.

Groves was a 25 year old Black man of trans experience, sadly he was misgendered and deadnamed but luckily we were made aware of the murder via The Knights & Orchids Inc. – TKO via a Facebook post.

Groves died due to multiple gunshot wounds on October 11, 2021 after being transferred to University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) in Jackson which is where he died. TransGriot has reached out to the Jackson police to see if there’s any additional information available to share with our readers to assist in bringing justice for Mel’s murder and we’re still awaiting a response.

 Mel Robert Groves is recorded as the 40th trans murder that we’re aware of and sadly we also know this number isn’t accurate due to distasteful and unprofessional reporting of trans murders here in the USA by multiple media outlets. His murder took place shortly after the murder of Kier Lapri Kartier and the reporting of the previous murder we posted of Rubi Dominguez she was also misgendered and deadnamed by local media. And that must STOP!

TransGriot has reached out to officer Sam Brown and we’re awaiting a response on any leads or information that can assist with this investigation. It is strongly encouraged that anyone with any information no matter how small reach out to the Jackson police department at 601-960-1205

Originally this murder was reported by the fools over at WJTV in which they covered it as 25 year old woman shot multiple times although we’ve called them out and sent emails we can use your support in pushing the issue and demanding respect for our brother Mel Robert Grove.


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