#SayHerName Update on Unidentified Black Trans Woman murdered in Houston

On Dec. 28th 2021 we wrote an article Unidentified Black trans woman murdered in North Houston  she was found in North Houston on December 20th 2021. 

We received information that the young lady’s mother was going to identify her and that was last we heard.

Luckily our media coverage was viewed by the right people and if they’re reading this on behalf of TransGriot and the trans community we say thank you to those that came forth as the importance of being honored and remembered for who you were and lived as following a murder is so important for this community. Although she was murdered it gives us (the trans community) a chance to celebrate her life and who she became, just in case no one else does.

The young woman has been identified as one Za’niyah Williams.

Image provided by an anonymous source.

Originally the details we got from the ME’s office was that she was mid 40’s which was off by 20 years, Za’niyah was 21 years old. Note that the age is often off when the ME’s office takes a guess on ages based on various things which makes it hard to pick the age of the deceased.

If anyone has any information that can help in this case please contact Harris County Sheriff’s office directly you’re welcome to do so at 713-221-6000 the case number is #2112-07879 

You can see the details of the case in our original article Unidentified Black Trans Woman Murdered in North Houston

#SayHerName Za’niyah Williams

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