#SayHerName Royal Poetical Starz

I must say it seemed that local media tried to get it right but totally missed the point! It’s still deadnaming when you add a person’s name that they no longer identify as or even present as! It is not ok to list the birth name of a trans person that has been murdered especially when the murder is fresh. To see that article which is in a LGBT magazine click here. Sadly it’s assumed that because the family or friends know the name given at birth it’s ok to use that name but IT IS NOT! It’s very disrespectful as someone went through the work to legally change their name and it is disregarded upon their murder! It’s not only disrespectful but it’s a pisspoor job of reporting her murder. On top of that, it’s also triggering for community members to read and far too often not e even necessary especially when the victim had their name changed legally!

About the murder

#SayHerName Royal Poetical Starz

On Saturday October 2, 2021 around 11:30am (broad daylight) police responded to a call of multiple shots fired on a residential Miami Gardens street. Upon arrival officers found 26 year old Royal Poetical Starz, the victim of multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead on scene. 

Royal Poetical Starz following her graduation.

It’s reported that there’s a total of 21 gunshot wounds and one of those was to her face. Starz was murdered in broad daylight and officers are providing a limited amount of information as often with a murder like this it seems premeditated. Investigators haven’t said much about Starz murder, except it “occurred at the 4600 Block of NW 185th Street, in Miami Gardens” around 11:26 a.m., according to the police news release.

Starz was murdered in her vehicle which was a white or silver Hummer partially pictured below. Miami Gardens homicide detective Michael Lissade on Tuesday said the department would eventually disclose more details, but “we’re not releasing any information right now.” It is strongly encouraged that anyone with any information please contact the Miami Gardens homicide TIP line at 305-471-TIPS (8477) or an anonymous tip can also be given online at https://www.p3tips.com/tipform.aspx?ID=139 

Possible image of Starz Hummer,
Picture taken from Starz Facebook page.

Sadly we were notified of this murder over a week after her murder Royal Poetical Starz is counted as number 41 on our records but we’re very aware that the number may not be accurate as media and law enforcement often do a lousy job of reporting murders of trans and gnc folx. Starz murder is following the reported murder of Mel Robert Groves who was murdered after Starz on Oct. 11th in Jackson, Mississippi and was also misgendered by local media and the police department. 

Starz also recently graduated with 3.3 GPA  and wanted to pursue her Master’s degree, according to her Facebook page. Unfortunately that won’t happen due to her life being taken away too soon. 

Miami PD and Miami Gardens really need to work on accurately reporting these murders of trans folx as more often than not they’ve unapologetically have misgendered and deadnamed trans victims following their murders so much so that they go out of their way to include deadnames and always seem to find pictures of the victim as they presented. One of those cases we covered was Alexis Braxton of Miami Fl. and according to local sources her killer is still at large. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! 


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