Sarah’s Committing A Revolutionary Act In NC

Y’all know I have much love and respect for Sarah McBride, who I first met when she was a White House intern back in 2011 and have watched her grow into an amazing person and advocate.

While transiting North Carolina Thursday, she committed a revolutionary act.  She took this selfie in the women’s restroom at the airport after using it, and posted this accompanying truth filled comment on her page that deserves to get signal boosted.

And now for your TransGriot reading pleasure, here’s Sarah:


Here I am using a women’s restroom in North Carolina that I’m technically barred from being in. 

They say I’m a pervert.

They say I’m a man dressed as a woman.
They say I’m a threat to their children.
They say I’m confused.
They say I’m dangerous.
And they say accepting me as the person I have fought my life to be seen as reflects the downfall of a once great nation.

I’m just a person. We are all just people. Trying to pee in peace. Trying to live our lives as fully and authentically as possible. Barring me from this restroom doesn’t help anyone. And allowing me to continue to use this bathroom – just without fear of discrimination and harassment – doesn’t hurt anyone.

Stop this. We are good people. #repealhb2

We can only hope that the conservatives and fundamentalists ‘Christians pushing this anti-trans hatred for Republican political advantage are listening.  So far they aren’t and are being obstinate in their resistance to repealing Hate Bill 2, but economic boycotts and negative worldwide publicity seem to be getting their attention.

So are posts like this that point out the ridiculous, unjust and dehumanizing nature of proposing laws and policies that demonize and entire class of people.

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