San Antonio Macy’s Employee Fired For Denying Dressing Room Access To Trans Person

TransGriot Note: In the interest of journalistic integrity, need to point out before diving into this story that I used to work for Macy’s from 2001-2006

The hatin’ on transpeople for the holidays continues.

A transperson who was shopping at Macy’s San Antonio’s Rivercenter store was denied access to a dressing room by a transphobic employee because it would violate her ‘Christian’ beliefs.

A few days after Thanksgiving the transwoman was denied access to the women’s fitting rooms in violation of Macy’s corporate anti-discrimination policies which cover TBLG people by Natalie Johnson. 

Yo Massachusetts,.there’s that pesky Public Accommodations issue rearing its head again. But back to the latest concrete example of why comprehensive trans human rights laws with public accommodations language are necessary. 

It touched off an altercation between her and the transwoman, fellow shoppers and her manager that Johnson was subsequently terminated for. 

She is being defended by the conservafool Liberty Counsel who take up the legal fight for people who believe they have wrongfully terminated for ‘religious liberty’ reasons.

Translation of religious liberty:  it’s conservafool speak for believing they can be as bigoted and discriminatory as they wanna be and hiding their faith based hatred of LGBT people behind the Bible.

“Macy’s does not comment on personnel matters,” said Melissa Goff,
a regional spokeswoman for the company about the incident at the  San Antonio Rivercenter
store involving Johnson. “At Macy’s we recognize and appreciate the
diversity of our customers and associates.”

Note to faith based conservafools.  Your faith doesn’t give you the right to oppress people you don’t like much less override your corporation’s anti-discrimination policies, and hopefully that lesson will be hammered home when the case goes to court.

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