Sam Houston State Adds Gender ID To Policy

The positive momentum in this so-called red state of Texas continues.

Sam Houston State University in Huntsville recently revised its Equal Employment Opportunity policy and nondiscrimination statement and added sexual orientation and gender identity to it.. 

Led by Vice President
for Student Services Frank Parker, the SHSU President’s Cabinet voted to add
the two as protected classes into three areas of SHSU policy, including
Chapter V for “Component Personnel,” which outlines employment
qualifications; Chapter VI for “Student Services Activities,” which
outlines admissions criteria; and Chapter VII’s non-discrimination
policy involving campus life and activities.

“I believe that our
policies should reflect and encourage the full spectrum of diversity on
our campuses and adopting this policy is just the right thing to do,”
Parker said. “This policy fulfills the concept that ‘Sam Houston is a
great name in education’ for all.”

It joins fellow Texas State University System member Texas State as one of two schools in the eight member TSUS system to adopt the wording.   The TSTS Board Of Regents looking at making similar changes to the system-wide policy.

Congrats Sam Houston State for making the moves that ensure that all Bearkats are welcomed on campus and protected from discrimination.  Let’s hope the TSUS board f Regents continues the polsitive momentum and follows the principles lead of Texas sate and SHSU

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