Sahhara At Miss International Queen 2011

The 7th annual edition of the Miss International Queen pageant will start October 30 and run through November 4 in Pattaya, Thailand    It’s a TransGriot tradition to keep up with the best known trans pageants such as Miss Tiffany, Miss Continental, Miss Amazing Philippine Beauties and Miss International Queen.

As the date for Miss International Queen gets closer I’m starting to find out in bits and pieces who the competitors are for the 2011 crown and interestingly enough there will be at least one contestant representing the African Diaspora. 

Stumbled across this video of Sahhara.  She was born in Nigeria and lives in the UK but explains in it why she decided to represent her birth nation at this year’s pageant.

In the history of the Miss International Queen pageant although there have been African descended girls in it, there has never been a person from the African Diaspora that has won it.  Stasha Sanchez came close with her finish in the top three last year as the second runner up in this pageant..

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