Safe Thanksgiving Journeys To My TransGriot Readers

Today is one of the busiest travel days in the United States.  People are converging on airports, train and bus stations or hitting the interstates to go to whatever final destination they are traveling to for Thanksgiving dinner or saying bump it and taking a mini vacation.

I used to dread this period when I worked in the airline biz, but didn’t hate on the paycheck because the floodgates got opened on all the overtime and the personnel we needed to efficiently get through it.  

Besides, there were some humorous moments that came out of it at times.  My coworkers and nice passengers also made it bearable and fun to do so. 

Wednesday was a pain, but Thanksgiving Day itself and Saturday were slow and made up for the drama we had to deal with on Monday, Tuesday and today.   

I wanted to take this moment to wish you TransGriot readers in the States who are either traveling to your ultimate destination, see your family and friends or are about to do so, safe journeys up there and back to
wherever you’re getting your grub on.

And when you do arrive at your Thanksgiving destination get there, may your food be tasty and your day be drama free as well.

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