Rupert, Shut The Hell Up About My Community

Of all people, Rupert Murdoch decided to tweet a comment about GOP sellout Ben Carson and take a swipe at President Obama at the same time.

Let’s just say the reaction to it from Black America was swift and negative, and Black Twitter hasn’t come for his azz yet.

Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of News Corporation, apologized on Twitter for saying America could use a "real black President."

But first of all, who the phuck are you to even part your lips about anything related to the racial divide, when your FOX Noise propaganda network is majorly responsible for the amped up racial negativity in the United States?. 

You also don’t get to decide from your residence in Canberra who is ‘Black enough’ for us.  Black Americans collectively do.

We have had a Black POTUS since 2008, despite your effort to ensure that historical milestone wouldn’t happen.

While there are times that we have had contentious disagreements about how much President Obama has done for our community, Black America is exceedingly pleased and proud that he, the First Lady and their beautiful daughters live at that nice white mansion built by our ancestors at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Ben Carson on the other hand, has gone the other way.   He went from being respected in Black America to being seen as a sad joke by the vast majority of us.   It’s insulting and laughable for you, Mr 1% to even say ‘president’ and ‘Ben Carson’ in the same sentence..

The only way Ben Carson will see the inside of the White House is either by taking the White House tour or if President Obama invites him for a visit.

But back to riffing on you for even daring to tweet that nonsense you did.   Your network gleefully traffics in race baiting and anti-Black animus for ratings and GOP political advantage, so you, much less anyone at FOX Noise have ZERO credibility, especially since your ass lives in Australia, about race matters here in the United States

And if you seriously wish to contribute to lessening racial tensions in the United States, how about starting by pulling the plug on that electronic Klan rally you call a news network?

Clean up your own crap with Australia’s indigenous population and then you might be able to have a somewhat credible conversation about it.

Until then, have several sections of seats at the MCG, a vegemite sandwich and shut the hell up.

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