Roland S. Martin Drops The Mic On Bill O’Reilly

NewsOne host Roland S. Martin responds to Bill O'Reilly on Sept. 2, 2015. [NewsOne]

Roland S. Martin tore Bill O’Reilly a new anus after O’Reilly used his Fox Noise show to bash #BlackLivesMatter, call them ‘a hate group’  and vow in his white supremacist arrogance he was going to ‘ put Black Lives Matter out of business.’

And yeah, my fellow Houstonian let him have it .

I agree with Roland.  Until you, O’Reilly, are calling out the police with the same venom you spewed at Black Lives Matter, and by the way, I met the founders of the BLM movement in February, you do need to shut your racist, vanillacentric privileged ass up.

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