Rest In Power and Peace, Brenda Bostick

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We have lost another trans woman to anti-trans violence., this time in New York

We don’t know the name, or the ethnic background of the 59 year old woman who has unfortunately become the 10th trans person we have lost to anti-trans violence in the United States in 2017.

What we do know at this time is that she was found severely beaten, unconscious and badly hurt on April 25 outside of a Five Guys restaurant at 10:30 PM EDT on 7th Avenue.

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She was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, where she died from her injuries on May 4.

It is unknown at this time whether she regained consciousness, but law enforcement sources are stating that her injuries do not appear to be self-inflicted nor from a fall and they are investigating this case as a homicide.

NYPD doesn’t have at this time any suspects in this murder case, so if you have any information about that April 25 night that can help solve this case or lead to the identification of the victim, you are asked to call the NYPD

An autopsy is being done by the medical examiner to determine the cause of death, and notification next of kin is happening at this time.  My New York area trans family are working to discover who this fallen trans person was, and as soon as I get more details either from the media or the New York area trans community, I will pass them along to you.

Rest in power and peace Number 10.   Hopefully we will find out what you name was so we can honor you and your life properly.  We also pray for the expeditious capture, prosecution and conviction of the person or persons who callously took your life, and won’t rest until that happens..

TransGriot Update  Thanks to Elizabeth Rivera, we now know number 10’s name.  It is Brenda Bostick, and yes she was Black .  

Ms. Bostick is now the ninth Black trans woman we’ve lost in a five month span due to anti-trans violence

#SayHerName  #StopKillingBlackTransWomen   #BlackTransLivesMatter

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