Rest In Power and Peace, Jo Jo Striker

I’m sorry to ruin Valentine’s Day for y’all but it’s my sad duty to report that we have lost another trans woman to anti-trans violence and hate.  We go to Toledo, Ohio for the latest news about the third trans person murdered in 2017

23 year old JoJo Striker was found dead on the evening of February 8 at in a vacant north Toledo garage at 215 Austin Street just before 7 PM EST .

(Source: WTOL)

Striker died from a single gunshot would to her torso and as you probably guessed as to why I and other media is just now finding out about out lost trans sister is because once again, local media are misgendering her along with her family.

I’m really sick of this repeatedly happening to Black trans women and tired of the media disrespecting her.   I’m also upset that once again, we have had another Black trans woman violently taken from us before her 30th birthday.

The Toledo PD investigation into this crime is ongoing and they have no leads so far in this case.  If you have any information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the waste of DNA who did this, please call Crime Stoppers at 419-255-111

Rest in power and peace JoJo.   You trans siblings and all who loved you won’t rest until the person who did this is brought to justice and rotting in a jail cell.

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