Rest In Peace, Brandy

For those of you in the Bay Area, Brandy Martell’s funeral will take place today.starting at 11 AM PDT in Oakland. 

It will take place at the C.P.
Bannon Mortuary and once again the address for those of you in the Bay Area wishing to
pay your respects to Brandy, it is located at 6800 International Blvd,. Oakland, CA. 94621.

As of yet, haven’t heard any news as to whether the waste of DNA who shot and killed her has been apprehended yet, but hope that happens soon and he is brought to justice.

Please consider packing the room for Brandy if you can make it..  She was one of four transwomen that lost their lives last month and helped organize the local Transgender Day of remembrance services in the Oakland area.   She deserves as big a homegoing crowd as y’all can muster.

Those of us who aren’t in the Bay Area may consider doing a silent prayer in remembrance of Brandy starting at 2 PM EDT, the exact moment her service starts on the West Coast.

Rest in peace, sis.   You were taken from us way too soon.  You life mattered to us, you fellow African descended travelers on th path of trans femininity and we will lift you up even if no one else does.

We’ll resolve to make certain that no one forgets your name either.


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