Rep Geraldine Roman Named To 100 Global Thinkers List

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Was happy to hear that Philippine Rep. Geraldine Roman was recently named to Foreign Policy Magazine’s 100 Global Thinkers List.

Some of the people named to this year’s list were Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

It’s amazing that in a year in which some politicians were trying to use demonization of trans women as a way to get elected to higher office, get reelected, as Trojan horses to pass unjust legislation or detract from their failed governance, it was heartening to trans people around the globe to see Roman get elected to office and openly be a girl like us.

As Congressmember Roman said, ‘Gender only becomes an issue when you try to keep it a secret’. Since her election to represent her district in Bataan, she has been advocating for infrastructure improvements, healthcare and for a national anti-discrimination bill that has been rejected for ten years.

Congratulations to Rep. Roman for this honor.

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