Recall Scott Walker Effort Passes 300K Signatures

In just a mere 12 days the effort to recall conservafool Wisconsin governor Scott Walker (R) has gathered an astounding 301,000 signatures.   They are well on their way to the 540,000 verified signatures they need to trigger the recall election.

As much woof ticket selling that Scott Walker, the Wisconsin  GOP, the national Republicans an d their FOX Noise propaganda ministry have tried to pimp in discounting the recall movement as ‘sour grapes’, it’s interesting to note for somebody that isn’t worried about it, the $2 million he’s spent in ads trying to defend his union busting job performance say otherwise.

The United Wisconsin proponents have until January 17 to gather those 540,000 signatures, then once they are verified, the election can take place and the Democrats will probably announce their candidate to oppose walker in the recall election. 

Look for the GOP to dig deep into their political dirty trick playbook to try to come up with ways to slow the runaway freight train momentum building toward what is increasingly looking like a wildly successful effort to gather enough signatures to force that historic recall election in Wisconsin

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