Rani Found Not Guilty In 2010 Pakistan Marriage Case

Remember Rani, the Pakistani transwoman who was arrested during a raid of her northwest Pakistan birthday party and falsely accused of attempting to enter into a same gender marriage with Malik Iqbal two years ago?

I cited this as a example of the annoying pattern of ‘gayjacking’ trans lives by GL advocacy organizations, the gay media and the Gayosphere to advance the narrow policy agenda of the vanillacentric GL community.  

Yeah, yeah, I and ‘errbody’ else in the Transosphere and our enlightened allies know that a transwoman and cismale getting married is NOT a
same gender marriage.  So do elements of the GL community who shadily try to co-opt and ‘gayjack’ these types of news stories for their benefit.  

But work with me people on this one and continue reading. 

Some good news has come out of Pakistan in the wake of that initial burst of international publicity and attention surrounding the case    Turns out the charges had to be dropped because prosecutors could find no evidence of Rani attempting to get married.   In addition, Iqbal already had two wives and wasn’t looking to add a third.  He was simply at the party to help celebrate Rani’s birthday. .

Iqbal told reporters he will file a defamation case against the former
chief of the Faqirabad police station who had leveled the charges against

But happiest of all for our Pakistani transsister Rani whose name has been cleared in this jacked up case as well that should have never happened in the first place.

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