Putting Some Soul And The Capital ‘T’ In TBLG History Month

If you haven’t heard, October is TBLG History Month in the US.   One of the things I’m going to be diligent about this month is not only ensuring that the trans community isn’t erased, but the POC end of it isn’t whitewashed out of the narrative.

So to get this party started I’m going to post links to previous Black Trans history posts I’ve written at TransGriot to make it easy to access them.

I’m also going to come out this month with new TransGriot Ten Questions interviews some of you have told me you want to see more of from our chocolate trans icons in addition to posting the previous ones..

The TransGriot is going to do her part to ensure that the ‘T’ is not only capitalized during this month, it has soul as well.

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Where Africa?

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Who Was The First African-American Transwoman?

Why Black Transgender Role Models Are Important 

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